Lots of Love for Our New Instagrahams

ImageA few weeks ago I wrote a post about my favorite iPhone app, Instagram. I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing an Instagram cookie project for a while, and this week I figured out what it would be: snapshot cookies, affectionately called “Instagrahams,” or “Instagraham Crackers,” if you will. We adapted our favorite sugar cookie dough to give it a cinnamon graham flavor, and it’s become the perfect base for showing off our favorite photos.

Even better, the Instagrahams have become a huge hit on social media and blogs. With a teeny budget, we selected four brands we love to follow on Instagram and baked 1/2 a dozen cookies for each of them (Warby ParkerKate SpadeDANNIJO, and Man Repeller), featuring their own Instagram photos. We created small gift boxes and added in some chocolate bars and marshmallows so they could turn their Instagrahams into Insta-smores. Within just a few hours of delivering these gift boxes to their offices, our Instagram feed was abuzz with hundreds of new followers and we started hearing from new customers, brands, and blogs across the country that wanted to work with us.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if this Instagraham project would drive new business or just be a fun way to generate some buzz, but I’m excited to say that it’s already done both. Check out our Instagrahams and order your own here. Happy instagrahaming!

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