A few of our favorite projects of late

Lately Instagram has become my favorite social media tool. Not only does it take average photos and make them look awesome with filters, but it also allows us to connect with fans and share content on a regular basis without overwhelming us or them. Facebook, twitter, and blogging all have their benefits, but I’m conscious of not wanting to overwhelm people’s feeds, plus a lot more thought has to go into those posts. Instagram, by contrast, is simply a photo-sharing platform, and posts are quick/easy to share for me and fast/fun to digest for our fans. They’re also very “likeable.” There’s something funny about content on Instagram. I can post the same photo on facebook or twitter and maybe get a few responses/likes, whereas when I post it on Instagram, where we have less than 10% of the number of followers, I easily get 10x the number of likes. If you’re on Instagram, follow us @BakingforGood.

Here are a few of our favorite recent projects:

1. Nicki and Roni’s gender reveal cookies. It’s a girl!

2. A cake for Pencils of Promise.

3. Pig cookies and cupcakes for a pig-themed party. 

4. Anna Banana cookies for a little girl’s first birthday. 

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