Vote for Baking for Good to win $250k!


Three years ago I started Baking for Good with $40,000 of savings. We have been lucky that our sales have grown quickly from the beginning, and keeping the company very lean has allowed us to avoid taking on outside investment.

Keeping a close eye on spending means there are often new projects, partnerships, and events that would be GREAT to do, but we can’t justify them with our small budget. When I saw that Chase and Living Social are teaming up to give twelve grants of $250,000 each to worthy small businesses across the country, I jumped at the chance to put Baking for Good’s name in the ring.

In order to be considered for one of these grants, we need to receive 250 votes at by this Saturday, June 30, 2012. You’re eligible to vote if you have a facebook account, and it only takes a moment. Just follow the link, then click “log in & support,” then search for Baking for Good and vote.

Every vote counts, so after you’ve voted, it would be AWESOME if you could share it with your friends via facebook, twitter, email, etc. Please help us continue to grow so we can raise more funds for causes in our communities!

Vote now: THANKS!!!

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