For My Dad on Father’s Day

If you’re familiar with the story of Baking for Good, you’ll know that my mom plays a big role in it. I grew up baking with her, and it was a gift she received from a friend that inspired me to bring the bake sale online.

The person who gets less credit in the story, but is at least as responsible for turning me into an entrepreneur, is my dad. My dad is the most curious person I know. He’s constantly reading and learning, and he has a great ability to brainstorm creative business ideas.

When I was about twelve, we were skiing together one day and found ourselves frustrated by the inconvenience of having to take off our gloves and risk frostbite in order to retrieve the trail maps from our pockets. Over the next few months, we devised a prototype of the Trail Snap, our first (and only) invention together. It allowed you to store your trail map inside your ski pole, and you could access it whenever you wanted by pulling it out via a window shade-like contraption. The Trail Snap was brilliant, and though we never took it beyond that prototype stage, I know that this experience of building something from nothing made an impression on me.

I’m often asked if my parents were supportive of my decision to start Baking for Good. The answer couldn’t be a more resounding yes. After I told my parents the idea, there wasn’t a moment of hesitation about whether or not I should do it; instead, my dad had a million ideas right off the bat, and his energy and enthusiasm for the company have never wavered.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you!

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