Gearing up for Spring at the Bakery

There’s a debate going on at the bakery right now about whether winter is over or if we’re in for an April blizzard to go along with the one we had back in October. Well, the weatherman on NBC-4 said he’s been looking at the long-long-term forecast, and he thinks it’s actually over (slash never arrived…we only had 4″ of snow this winter!). I’m going to go with the expert and say that springtime has arrived, which means it’s time for spring treats in the bakery! I’m really excited for some of our new sugar cookie designs, all of which you can check out here. The “April showers bring May flowers” set is one of my favorites. As you open the box, you first uncover rainboot and raindrop cookies before discovering a batch of

flower cookies beneath them! I’m also getting a kick out of these necktie and mustache cookies. They’re primarily intended for Father’s Day, but I think the mustaches in particular would go over well at a spring party.

What do you think, has spring arrived in  your neck of the woods?

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