Seeing Stars

moravian stars or froebel starsEarlier this year, we were contacted by a Baking for Good fan named Stefano hailing all the way from Italy. He shared with us these beautiful hand-crafted stars and told us a lovely story from his childhood, describing how his mother came to learn the skill of making these ornaments from an Austrian nanny, Annelore, who traveled to Italy to care for Stefano’s two older brothers after their father passed away. The tradition of making these stars dates back to 1782, when they were used as a teaching tool in the first kindergarten classes in Germany. Though they have many names (Froebel stars, Moravian stars), we like to call them Nuccia Stars, after Stefano’s mother.

We were touched by Stefano’s story and loved learning how to make the stars with him. We’ll be including these special stars in many of our Christmas gift boxes this year. We hope they will become a new tradition for some of our holiday gift recipients this year!

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2 Responses to Seeing Stars

  1. alfonso Clerici says:

    great Stefano and great Baking for Good.Great for Nuccia who has been my beloved aunt!

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