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If you follow me on twitter (find me here and here), you may recall that a month or so ago I was stressing over this gluten-free gingerbread house like crazy. When Easy Eats Magazine asked me if I could build a gluten-free gingerbread house from scratch, I casually said “sure!”…and then actually had to do it.

It turned out not to be as hard as I expected, but even still, when the photo team came to take its glamour shot, I was panicking that it would fall down. (Turns out it stayed up for another 48 hours and only fell down when I struck it with a rolling pin like I was breaking a pinata, so maybe I was being a little overly cautious.)

Fun fact: this wasn’t just my first gluten-free gingerbread house. It was my first gingerbread house, period!

In conjunction with this article, and just for the holidays, we’ve added a new gluten-free cookie to Baking for Good: the ginger molasses cookie. Get ’em while they’re hot!

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5 Responses to Gluten-Free Baking & Easy Eats Magazine

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  2. Mary Elizabeth Roarke says:

    my friend, an IIN student, forwarded me an email filled with recipe links.. I just visited your blog and am impressed by the number of tempting recipes you have posted! Myself and my daughter, “Nicole”, are currently in the process of collecting recipes for our next book and would like to know if you would be interested in contributing a few? You will be given full credit. when you write back please tell me what state you are from and I will let you know what we are looking for from there.

    Please see our request below and if you are interested.

    Thanks in advance! I am hoping to hear from you soon,
    Mary Elizabeth

    Chef Nicole Roarke and her mother, cookbook co-author, Mary Elizabeth Roarke, are seeking recipes for the sixth book in the Random House Country Comfort Cookbook series, Cooking Across America!
    The book will feature recipes indigenous to specific regions highlighting locally available cuisine as well as the surrounding cultures that influenced them.
    If you are interested in having a recipe published, please send it to: by 01Jan, along with your name, title, city, state and website. All recipes will be credited to the contributor. * It is optional to include details about the origin of your recipe as well as the people and places that inspired it (limited to 150 word count).
    To see the other books please visit:

  3. Mary Elizabeth & Chef Nicole says:

    Dear Emily,
    Hi, back in Nov 2011 you were kind enough to psost our request for recipes for our latest Cookbook Cooking Across America. I am proud to say it is now available on
    We have received “shout outs” on several blogs and on line magazine I was wondering if you would consider doing the same. If so I would be happy to send you additional info and our press release.
    Thanks in advance!

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