Happy Birthday, Bubbe

My grandmother’s 89th birthday was this past week, and naturally we sent her a box of Baking for Good cookies.

These days it’s very rare that I have an opportunity to receive a Baking for Good delivery in the mail. When our bakery was in California and I was in New York, I received cookie deliveries almost every week, whether because we were testing new recipes or preparing samples for meetings or events. Now I send out a lot of cookie gifts myself, but I hardly ever get to be there when they’re opened.

Unexpectedly, I was with my grandmother when she received her cookie gift today, and I was delighted to be able to open it with her. She only has use of one of her hands now, but she tore into the package eagerly and uncovered the flower bouquet cookies inside, pleased to know that they were made just for her. And for me, because I snagged one for the road. 🙂

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1 Response to Happy Birthday, Bubbe

  1. rebecca a says:

    awww, happy birthday to your bubbe! 🙂

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