Time to Start Thinking About Holiday Gifts! (Yes, you read that right.)

holiday cookie giftsWe start thinking about Christmas cookies around here in July. No joke. Sometimes June. So believe it or not, the fact that I’m introducing our holiday cookie gifts today actually feels a little late. Christmas is less than 3 months away!

For all you planners, I encourage you to visit Baking for Good now and start thinking about the gifts you would like to send this holiday season, whether for yourself or your company or another organization you’re involved with. Our cookies make awesome gifts on their own, and pairing them with a donation to a charity of your choice makes them even more special. We would love to start working with you now to get your holiday gifts in our calendar. Plus, ordering your gifts now will mean one less thing for you to worry about come December, so you’ll be able to focus on the important stuff, like Christmas trees and holiday parties!

So, swing by Baking for Good and check out our holiday gift ideas. You can even start ordering now through our website and set your shipping date for anytime in December. If you’re planning to order many gifts or want to discuss custom cookies or packaging, drop me a note at emily [at] bakingforgood [dot] com and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Happy holidays (just kidding),


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